A Look in the Mirror

1. Which of the following describes you? (Col 2:7, 1 Thess 5:18)

  • A. I abound in thanksgiving.
  • B. I thank God for His blessings on Sunday morning and thank Him for my food before I eat most of the time, but thatís about the extent of it.
  • C. I give thanks for things once or twice a month but mostly pray that God will give me things I want.
  • D. I never thank God for anything, but I complain to Him and other people about things I donít like, which is most things.

2. Which of the following describes you? (Col 3:1-2, Matt 6:33)

  • A. I think a lot about the kingdom of God and how to advance it on the earth.
  • B. I think about God on Sunday morning at church, when I watch a Christian TV show, and when the sky is really pretty.
  • C. I spend all my time thinking about myself and how I can have more possessions to make me happier.

3. Which of the following describes you? (Heb 13:15)

  • A. I praise God consistently.
  • B. I praise God exactly one time every week Ė Sunday morning during the service when someone tells me to do it.
  • C. I praise God only when I get a material possession I prayed for.
  • D. I donít praise God; I just pray for myself and maybe a couple other people on a good day.

4. Which of the following describes you? (Phil 1:21)

  • A. To live is Christ, Jesus is the center of my life.
  • B. To live is ME; the universe is me-centric.  Itís all about me!

5. Which of the following describes you? (Phil 2:4)

  • A. I look out not only for my own well being, but that of others.
  • B. All I care about is myself and my well-being.