About Our Pastors

Rev. Steve Young is a famous-name preacher.  He isn’t the one who made his name famous, but he does have a famous name! Pastor Steve is a graduate of Victory Bible Training Center, currently located in North Reading, Massachusetts. He has served in various capacities including that of Associate Pastor at other churches before founding Penobscot Bay Family Church in September 2003.  He has also accepted overseas invitations to sing and preach in several countries.  In 1996-1997, he wrote a 1600+ page cyberbook on receiving healing from the Lord that has been available free on the Internet ever since.  (A link is provided on this Web site.)  Pastor Steve plays the piano, drums, electric guitar and bass (though not simultaneously) and has written over 400 songs, some of which we use in our services.  He has a very successful custom computer programming business that he operates from his home in Cushing. He and his wife Rosie are both avid golfers and members of the Samoset Resort Golf Club in Rockport.

Pastor Steve’s coach in ministry is Rev. Mark Brazee in Tulsa, OK. Pastor Mark was closely associated with Rev. Kenneth Hagin for many years.  His ministry has founded many Bible schools around the world designed to equip local ministers to reach their own people. He also pastors World Outreach Church in Tulsa. For more information about Pastor Mark’s ministry, visit his Web site at www.brazee.org.

Rev. Rosie Young, Steve’s wife, is also an ordained minister.  She is a graduate of World Impact Bible Institute in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Pastor Rosie also served in various capacities, including that of Associate Pastor of a church in Newfoundland, Canada.  She moved to the U.S. to marry Pastor Steve!

Pastors Steve and Rosie both preach and teach; they sometimes “tag-team” preach in the same service!