The Story of Bad Carl


Bad Carl died last month, but the local court wasn’t done with him.  Although his lawyer brought in the death certificate, it was determined that in the last week that Bad Carl was alive, he had jaywalked across Main Street five times.  The judge found him guilty and sentenced Bad Carl to 10 hours of community service.  But his accusers weren’t done yet.  His widow disclosed that he had been guilty of criminally threatening her the last morning he was alive.  The judge considered this and sentenced Bad Carl to one year of probation. Then three witnesses came forward and agreed that they had seen Bad Carl drinking just before he wrapped his beat-up Mazda around a utility pole on Maverick Street.  So the judge ordered Bad Carl’s license to be suspended for a year.  Then a police officer, searching the late Bad Carl’s dingy trailer with a search warrant obtained from an anonymous tip, found a stash of marijuana and illegally obtained prescription painkillers under his bed. The judge sentenced Bad Carl to one year at the Supermax with no possibility of parole. Finally, a clerk at Wal*Mart testified that Bad Carl was very upset and punched out a cashier and the shift manager because he had to wait in line 5 minutes just to buy a box of salt and a battery. The judge sentenced Bad Carl to another year in the slammer for assault and battery, then ordered Bad Carl to attend MOPE (Management Of Painful Emotions) classes for six months.

OK, I admit that I made up this all up!  You probably figured that out just because it was so ridiculous.  But do you realize that today in Christ, according to Romans 6, your position with the “law” is exactly the same as Bad Carl’s!  You’re dead – you died with Christ. You can’t sentence a dead man for breaking laws.  The old law has no claim on you and its punishments can no longer be applied to you. To be found guilty and sentenced for breaking the law’s demands is just as silly as sentencing the late Bad Carl. You now walk in newness of life with Christ. The old law can’t get you anymore, and sin, which gets its power from the law, has no claims on you and no power to condemn you.