Beware the 1-2 Punch

Satan doesn’t play fair. He is a liar and the father of lies. He keeps pulling certain “fast ones” over on Christians because they work.  If Christians would get wise to these tricks, he’d have to back off because he wouldn’t get anywhere.  The particular trick I want to talk about today I call the “1-2 punch”.  It knocks many believers out of their healing, out of their prosperity, out of their deliverance and out of many other blessings.

Let’s say that you have just believed you received your healing from some disease. The devil’s first punch is, “You don’t really have your healing. You’re going to stay sick. Yes, just picture yourself getting sicker and sicker until you’re dead. Your prayer didn’t work. God isn’t really going to do anything for you.”

Many Christians crumble right at this point and give up. They let the devil talk them right out of something they actually received.  They “sign for the package”.  “You know, maybe I’m going to stay sick.  Who knows – I might just get sicker and sicker until I die.  Better call DownCo Discount Morticians and line up a contingency plan, because we need a Plan B if God doesn’t heal MY cancer.”

(I always cringe on the inside when I hear a Chrstian talk about “MY cancer” or “MY diabetes” or “MY heart trouble” or “MY allergies”, and so on. Quit claiming it as yours!  Every time you say it’s YOURS, you’re signing for the package again, and Satan is chomping at the bit to deliver it to you.)

But suppose you know better. (If you’ve been coming to PBFC for a while or have come to our healing events, you know better.) You refuse to sign for the package. You refuse to play “previews” in your mind of your own impending funeral, and you don’t call DownCo Discount Morticians after all.

Now the devil lands the second punch.  “YOU DOUBTED! You had thoughts of DOUBT in your mind.  Your DOUBT means that you aren’t in FAITH, so you don’t really have what you prayed for after all. You know, James said to expect nothing if you doubt, so expect nothing!

You see the trick? Satan whispers a thought of doubt to you, then accuses YOU of doubting because you had that thought.

Many Christians have missed the fact that Jesus said that you will have whatever you say if you do not doubt IN YOUR HEART.  Jesus did NOT say that you would have whatever you say if you do not doubt IN YOUR HEAD. Faith is NOT a mental thing! It is a spiritual thing. “Mental assent” does not receive from God; faith does.  (Mental assent would say, “I know that the Bible says that by Jesus’ stripes I am healed.”  Faith would say, “I have received the healing that Jesus provided by His stripes!”  Mental assent does not lead to corresponding action.)

JESUS Himself had ungodly thoughts in His head because the devil spoke them to Him. The thoughts in His head were, “Make stones turn into bread. Jump off the top of the temple.  Worship Satan.” Jesus was not the source of those thoughts; the devil was. IT IS NOT A SIN TO HAVE AN EVIL THOUGHT! It is sin to accept and DWELL ON evil thoughts, and it is certainly a sin to ACT ON evil thoughts. But Jesus did not act on these thoughts.  He was still sinless even though these thoughts were thrown against His mind.

Likewise, having a thought of doubt come to your mind is not grounds for losing the blessing that you believe you received. Do what Jesus did. Respond with what is written in Scripture. When the devil tempts your mind with the thought, “You haven’t seen any difference in ten days. Therefore, nothing happened when you prayed.  You’re still sick and you’re going to stay that way,” you can respond, “It is written that whatever I believe I receive when I pray shall be mine.  I believed that I received my healing when I prayed; therefore, I have it regardless of what it looks like. I am healed by the stripes of Jesus.  Healing belongs to me as a Christian, and I believe I received it.  I have it now.”

And if the devil counters with, “You had thoughts of doubt, therefore you’ve already lost it – you’re not in faith,” you can remind him that Jesus talked about doubting in your heart, not having a thought of doubt in your mind.

Again, having a THOUGHT of doubt does not mean that you are IN DOUBT and that therefore you don’t have what you prayed for. Reject thoughts of doubt when they come and continue to reflect on what the Bible says instead.

Faith – believing IN YOUR HEART – still works even if thoughts of doubt come TO YOUR HEAD. It’s only the thoughts you ACT ON that count.