The Adventures of Blasphemy Boy

Blasphemy Boy (not his real name) always had the ability and desire to annoy people.  He hated religion of any kind and made a special point of trying to talk Christians out of their faith and annoying them with tricky arguments.

His college roommates said that they didn’t believe in God, so Blasphemy Boy took all the filthy words he could think of and yelled up at the sky, “God, you’re a <expletive deleted>!  God, you’re a <another expletive deleted>!” (And so on.)”  His roommates urged him to stop, and he sneered, “What’s the matter?  Do you believe in GOD?” “No,” they said, “but just in case there is one, we don’t want to be anywhere near you when lightning hits!”

The Christians at a church next to the campus, one of whom lived on his dorm floor, tried to come up with a way to get Blasphemy Boy to go through the door of a church, something he never planned to do again as long as he lived.  Someone came up with an idea.  Blasphemy Boy was a TV broadcasting major who wanted to be a writer for TV shows.  He had his own comedy show on a local cable station. He was a prolific writer.  So they challenged him, “We’re having a fun night at church where we will be doing original material.  How’d you like to write an original skit and come to church and help perform it?” Surprisingly, Blasphemy Boy agreed.  There was a double hidden agenda.  The church person wanted a way to get Blasphemy Boy around some Christians.  Blasphemy Boy, on the other hand, boasted to his friends that he was going to get on the platform at a Christian church and offer blasphemous praise to a nonexistent heathen deity as part of his skit – something the church leaders wouldn’t realize until it was too late.

Blasphemy Boy went and did his skit, and he offered up his “blasphemous praise” on their platform. He succeeded in getting the person who had the idea in trouble.

He also succeeded in getting some committed Christians to pray for him.

Once he was done, he gloated to himself that he must have totally annoyed a room full of those silly Christians. But they didn’t act annoyed. They told Blasphemy Boy that they loved him and they said nice things to him and said they hoped he’d come back. Blasphemy Boy went home somewhat disappointed that he hadn’t annoyed them so much that they’d never want to see his face again.

God sent multiple people to share the gospel with Blasphemy Boy, probably in response to some of those prayers.

A few months later, Blasphemy Boy died.  He did NOT go to heaven.

He did not go to hell either.  He simply stopped existing.

How could this possibly happen?  The last thing Blasphemy Boy ever did was to call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved from his sins and invite Jesus to come live in him as Lord of his life.

At that moment, Blasphemy Boy as anyone knew him passed out of existence.  A new person, a brand-new spirit created in the image of God in righteousness and true holiness suddenly occupied the body that Blasphemy Boy used to occupy.  He assumed Blasphemy Boy’s identity more completely than any identity thief could.  To the world, he was still the same person. But on the inside, the old Blasphemy Boy was gone.

The new creature in Christ who took over Blasphemy Boy’s body and identity became an on-fire Christian. Within months, he became a member of the church where he had “blasphemed” from the platform.  He prophesied at a prayer meeting they had and started finding sick people to lay hands on in the name of Jesus– and they started getting healed!  He realized that he was called to the ministry and began preaching whenever he could. Years later, he was making frequent mission trips, preaching healing overseas. Today he pastors a church.  He wrote this article.