God Isn't Looking for Broken Vessels

How many times have your heard it preached and sung that God can only use broken vessels?  But thatís baloney. God is not looking to break vessels and He is not limiting Himself to using broken people. In fact, God is in the business of fixing broken vessels so that they are whole vessels.  Then theyíre in good shape to be used mightily.

Say that I wanted a glass of milk to wash down some Ben & Jerryís New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream.  Do you think I would look around the kitchen until I found a broken glass that I could use? And then when I donít find one, do you suppose I will take a normal glass and throw it on the floor to smash it so that I will have a broken glass that I can really use? Of course not, and God doesnít do that either.

ďYes,Ē someone will say, ďbut doesnít God needs to humble me before He can use me?Ē NO!!!  It is not Godís will to humble you. It is Godís will for you to humble yourself.  You are told repeatedly in the New Testament to humble yourself, but nowhere are you told to pray for God to humble you.  Praying for humility is unscriptural.  You have Godís love, which is humble instead of self-exalting, on the inside of you already. It might not have been in manifestation the last time your spouse used the last piece of toilet paper and didnít restock the dispenser, but you DO have that love on the inside. Itís a case of letting it out rather than letting your flesh get in the way.

ďYes, but God needs to break our will before He can use us.  Therefore, instead of sunshine, Iíll take rain, instead of pleasure, Iíll take pain Ė whatever it takes for my will to break, thatís what Iím willing to do.Ē Why would God do something He commanded fathers NOT to do in Ephesians 6?  Is He a worse father than He commands men on earth to be?  If you believe religious-sounding drivel like this, youíll end up having Satan beat you up while you thank God for it.

How do I know? Because Iíve been there and done that back when I was a younger Young. I prayed that kind of prayer, all kinds of bad things happened, and I thought that was God answering my prayer when it was really just the devil exploiting my ignorance. Letís not give God a bad name by blaming Him for what the devil does. Donít ever thank God for sickness. Donít praise Him for calamities.  You can praise and thank Him IN the sickness or calamity because He is your deliverer, but donít treat Him like He sent that problem to you to make you a better person. Donít give devilmonies in church about how all these things are teaching you so much and perfecting you.  The devil is not out to perfect you; He is out to destroy you.  He is as interested in helping you as Payton Manning was in helping the Patriots last week. God and Satan are not on the same team ganging up to bless you.  The Son of God was not manifested to USE the works of the devil for your greater good and Godís greater glory Ė He was manifested to DESTROY the works of the devil.

I heard a fellow give an alleged testimony before I got up to speak at a certain meeting someone else was running.  He said that God had wrecked his marriage, destroyed his business and taken his health so that he would be CLOSER to God. I wish there were some way to ban such blabbimonies in Christian meetings.  Any unbelievers present could be forgiven for thinking, ďI will make sure I stay as far away from a God like that as I can get. He leaves me alone while I get drunk and watch gangsta rap videos. Itís just those Christians He beats up like that.  Thank God Iím not a Christian!Ē

So what DOES God want? He wants someone who will obey His voice.  Obedience is more important to Him than sacrifice. Being led by the Spirit is more impressive in heaven than seeing what you can give up for Lent. God just wants you to make yourself available for His use. He wants your willingness to follow Him. And He wants to bless you richly while youíre following Him.

God isnít looking for broken vessels.  Heís looking for yielded vessels.