Building an Ark

It would have been VERY bad timing for Noah to start building his ark when he saw the rain clouds coming.  Hebrews 11 tells us what it was that got Noah completing his ark BEFORE it started raining – FAITH!

Faith sees what the natural eye cannot see.  Noah saw the rain by faith before he ever saw it fall from the sky.

We are praying for God to raise up leaders to take care of the harvest that we know is coming. You could look around and think, “We don’t need more leaders to take care of this small number of people.” But God plans big. God doesn’t plan for churches to stay small enough so that one or two people can take care of everything.  God has promised to pour out His glory in a way that the whole earth would be filled with the knowledge of it.  There are some things promised but yet unseen, but we expect to see them before Jesus comes back.  So like Noah, by faith we are building an ark now.  We already have a big-church style accounting system in place, already have our own IRS 501(c)3 letter with our name on it (we don’t “rent” our status from an Internet organization the way some small churches do) and we’re praying about how we will handle the increase in people.

Better to pray now and be prepared than to think, “Ahh, we’ll wait until we see more people to pray about what to do about it.”  But that would be like building the ark when the flood starts.  That isn’t how God likes us to operate. Someone once defined success as what happens when preparation meets opportunity. We have to take preparation seriously.

So let me plant this bug in your ear this morning…as we grow, what do you see yourself doing here? Different people have different gifts and likings, and it takes everyone working together.  God is looking for participators, not spectators!  Everyone has a part.  What’s yours?