Are God and the Devil in Cahoots?

Does God “use” the devil to develop you? Is the devil God’s hit man assigned to build your faith?  To listen to some people, God and Satan are now teammates who work together to ensure your growth. For example, even if someone knows better than to say that God caused or sent you a sickness, he could mess up your thinking just as much by insinuating that God “allowed” it, planned it, commissioned it, bla bla bla, in order to help your faith grow. If you believe a bad old song that says that “my trials come to make me strong”, you’ll start welcoming what you should be rebuking!  Your trials come because Satan hates you and wants to rip you off, discourage you, and talk you into quitting. When you are tempted, you are NOT tempted by God.

The truth is that God and Satan have NEVER worked together since the day Satan fell.  God’s ONLY agenda when it comes to sickness and calamity is to deliver you from it.  Satan’s ONLY agenda is to steal from you, kill you and destroy you. There is no overlap between their desires for you. While it is true that your faith will grow and even thrive as you use it to overcome a test, make no mistake – the devil isn’t out to do you any favors.  He wants to STEAL your faith, not build it.

Jesus, the Son of God, was not manifested on the earth to make the bad things of the devil somehow turn into good things for you. He came to DESTROY the works of the devil.  (1 John 3:8)  Now here is a good question to ask yourself:  What did Jesus ever DESTROY?  Simple answer:  He destroyed the effects of sin in people’s lives, including sickness. Acts 10:38 says that Jesus healed all who were oppressed by the devil.  That shows you right there that the devil was behind the sickness and God was behind the healing.  Jesus destroyed the works of the devil when he healed those who were oppressed by the devil, and that is still His will today. Jesus still wants to DESTROY sickness, discouragement, sinful habits, fear, confusion, etc., in YOUR life.