ChristMyths Quiz

Which of the following are true and false, and why are the false ones false? Test your Christmas IQ!  Answers below.

1. Shepherds who were living out in the fields, watching their flocks at night, saw and heard an angel and a multitude of the “heavenly host”.

2. Joseph married Mary before Jesus was born.

3. Joseph and Mary actually lived in Nazareth; they were only in Bethlehem to be registered with the government.

4. A star guided men from the East to Jesus.

5. Joseph, Mary and Jesus all spent the night in a manger because there was no room at the inn.

6. Jesus was not actually born on December 25th, but on the “eighth day of the month of Urzim”, which was probably in the fall.

7. The three “wise men” don’t belong in manger scenes because they were never there; they presented their gifts indoors in a house.

8. The animals around Jesus started talking the night He was born. This was an additional sign to demonstrate His deity.

9. Jesus was visited the first night by “a young lad who beat on a drum” (Luke 2:58) – an event that caused Him to smile for the first time.

10. People assumed that Joseph and Mary Christ were Jesus’ parents, but actually God was His Father and Mary Christ was His mother.

11. An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him what Jesus’ name was to be.

12. An angel appeared to a priest named Zacharias and told him what would happen, but Zacharias did not believe it.  The angel then identified himself by name as Gabriel.

13. The early Christians in Acts started the tradition of Christmas trees, thus fulfilling Jeremiah’s prophecy:  “…One cuts a tree from the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the ax.  They decorate it with silver and gold; they fasten it with nails and hammers so that it will not topple.” (Jeremiah 10:3-4)

14. John the Baptist prophesied that Jesus was going to be born before it happened, saying that another was coming that was greater than he was, and to prepare the way of the Lord.

15. God has pronounced a woe on all who fail to commemorate the birth of His Son on Christmas Day.


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Answers to Christmyths Quiz

1. This statement is correct.

2. This is also a correct statement.

3. This one is true.

4. Yes, this one is also correct.  [Interesting note:  The original bulletin said “three men from the East” instead of “men from the East” -- Kath Baer of Texas pointed out that the Bible never says that there were three men, only that there were three gifts.  She’s right and I stand corrected! I actually was helping perpetuate a “Christmyth” myself! Thanks for pointing it out,  Kath!]

5. Since a manger is a feed trough for animals, it is doubtful that Joseph, Mary and Jesus all crammed in there together. We can assume they spent the night in the same stable, though.

6. There is no Hebrew month of Urzim; I made that up.  However, since shepherds were living in the fields, it is almost impossible that this would have occurred on December 25th; the Bible does not say exactly when it was.

7. Correct, per Matthew 2:11.

8. No, this is an “urban legend” with no basis in Scripture.

9. There is no Luke 2:58 or record of a little drummer boy.

10. Christ is a title, not a last name, and means “anointed” (i.e., “The Anointed One”). The term is never used of Joseph or Mary.

11. Yes, this happened as stated.

12. This also happened.

13. Interestingly, the Scripture in Jeremiah was quoted and cited correctly. However, it’s not talking about a Christmas tree; it’s talking about making idols out of trees, and the early Christians did not make either.  God is not against having a Christmas tree; it doesn’t matter to Him if you have one or not.

14. John the Baptist was about 3 months old when Jesus was born, so he could not have prophesied about Jesus’ birth.

15. No, God has not commanded anyone to observe ANY holiday in the New Testament; that’s strictly up to you (Romans 14:5-6, Colossians 2:6).