Dead to Sin and Risen with Christ

You died to sin. You are no longer its slave. You are a partaker of Christís resurrection.  When He got out of the grave, sin had no more claim on Him. He had fulfilled the requirements of the Law, being punished in your place.  Now Heís alive and sin and Satan have no claim on Him Ė or on you!

When He died, you died with Him, and when He rose, you rose with Him.  You must consider yourself dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus your Lord.  But how many Christians do that?  So many talk and sing about being sinners. How sad. God doesnít see you as a sinner anymore and neither should you.  God sees you as risen with Christ, seated in heavenly places with Him. You are not some pathetic worm; you are a blood-washed child of the Most High God. You can hold your head high; youíre royalty! So often we sing (well, we donít here, but collectively as Christians we do!) expressing amazement that God could possibly love people like us. How could He not when you are created in His image in true righteousness and holiness?  Do you see how many of our Christian songs are still not quite yet rinsed from unbelief?  To say that itís amazing that God could possibly love you is to deny what the new birth has accomplished in you. Thereís nothing not to love left!  Your sins have been washed away into Godís sea of forgetfulness, never to be found again. You are righteous. You are holy.  You are a priest and king on this earth, and you should reign in life through Jesus Christ. You are not still a ďsinner saved by graceĒ who must live just a few more weary days until you fly away, being content with just a cottage below, a little sliver and a little gold, clinging to an old rugged cross that Jesus left a long time ago for a better location with the Father Ė the same place you sit today as far as the devil is concerned.

If you were still a sinner, sin would have you as its slave. Youíve been set free!  Youíre dead to sin! Hallelujah!