Do you have nursery/children's church?

At this writing, we do not have a separate baby nursery or children’s ministry, though we plan to add these as we grow and have the right people to place in charge of these areas. We involve our children in our services; the overhead projector is almost always run by a young person, and young people help receive the offerings, too.

We now have a separate room in our Thomaston facility (the church office) that could be used by parents who have babies who are fussy during our services.  We realize that it could be inconvenient at this time for a family with a small baby to attend.  On the other hand, we don’t want to stretch our workers thin by having people do nursery or children’s church every week, which means they miss the service every Sunday.  When we have enough people for a reasonable rotation so that no one will be unduly burdened, we will start these ministries. At this writing, we have some expansion space available to us if we need to lease additional space for these purposes.

We do not plan to have separate “teen” services on Sunday morning; we believe that a teenage person is old enough to participate in the service with the adults.