Forgiveness vs. New Birth


The church world has tended to focus on forgiveness -- the fact that Jesus has provided forgiveness of sins by His blood.  But did you realize that forgiveness is not unique to the New Covenant? You could be forgiven under the Old Covenant!

David talked about the blessedness of a man whose sins were forgiven.  You could have an animal sacrificed on your behalf and receive forgiveness for your sins. The blood of bulls and goats was sufficient to get you off the hook for sin.

But most Christians have limited their understanding of the New Covenant to forgiveness. Thank God, the blood of Jesus has washed away our sins once and for all. The blood has made us righteous. There is no need for any further sacrifice for your sins -- Jesus has paid the price forever.

But forgiveness is not what makes the New Testament distinctive. The defining work of the New Testament is that we are made new creations when we receive Jesus.  Our spirits are born again. We literally become new spirit beings that are alive to God.  The old spirit with a sin nature is done away with, and you become completely new on the inside. You aren’t just forgiven -- you’re reborn! You get back what Adam lost -- fellowship with God!

The religious world still labors under a “worm” mentality that sees us as sinful wretches that happen to be forgiven. But you’re not a sinner saved by grace.  You are a new creation!  You are part of a royal priesthood. You are a child of God!  You are alive to God and dead to sin! You are holy.  You are righteous -- just as righteous as Jesus Christ Himself!  The old is gone and the new has replaced it. The old man is dead and you are alive to God.  So quit downing yourself and start agreeing with God about who you really are. You’re royalty!  You’re one of God’s special people. You’re more than just forgiven -- you’re family!