Free Healing Cyberbook

 “Healing for Windows” is a cyberbook written by Pastor Steve as a Windows help file. It is designed to help you get the healing that Jesus Christ has already provided for you.  It runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows from 3.11 up, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. (At this writing, no one has tested it on Vista yet.)  You can download it once (it’s a highly compressed file a little over a megabyte) and click through its sections without a browser or an Internet connection.  In fact, you could put it on a diskette and give it to someone who doesn’t have Internet access but does have a computer that runs Windows. You need a browser to download it, but you do NOT need a browser to read the book once you have it on your computer.

In many ways, it’s more fun and convenient than a regular book because it’s hypertext. You can click on Scripture references to see what they say, then click on notes on those verses, then click on related discussion topics, questions about healing and refutations to common objections to divine healing.  You and your mouse can have a party learning all about receiving healing from the Lord!

Pastor Steve finished writing the book in 1997; it has been available on the Internet ever since on a separate Web site.  The book is absolutely free to everyone in the world. No donation is requested or expected.

It’s the equivalent of a roughly 1600-page written book, so you probably won’t finish it at one sitting!

Click here to navigate to the site where you can download this free book!