Free New Testament

The WEB (World English Bible) version of the New Testament is a free, public domain, modern-English translation of the New Testament.  You can quote it, copy it and give it to all your friends without paying royalties to anyone.

Pastor Steve didn’t write the WEB version or have any part in its creation, but he did read it in its entirety before offering it to you on this web site to make sure that it was a sound translation.  It is refreshingly free of language like thee, thou, thine, ye, dost, and all those verbs ending with an extra -eth and -est.

At our services, Pastor Steve generally reads and quotes the New King James Version, which does basically the same thing, but which is copyrighted and is definitely NOT available as a legal free download anywhere.

The only modifications he did were to correct one misspelling (“prophesies” should have been “prophecies” in one place where it is a plural noun, not a verb) and to combine the New Testament books into one file with *BOOK* before each book (for example, *MATTHEW*). This allows you to load the whole New Testament into a word processing program and do a search on any word or phrase.  It’s a great study tool that Pastor Steve has used in sermon preparation. And you can’t beat the price!

This file is supplied as a text file designed to be loaded into any version of Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program. (Notepad and Wordpad will not wrap the text properly, but can still be used for quick searches.)

Want the large print version?  Download this file, load it into your word processor, and enlarge the font size!  You can have the print any size you want, in any font your word processor supports!  You can even change the color, so if you always wanted a Bible where the words of Christ are in green instead of red, I suppose you could create one with enough time and patience.

The file size is just over a megabyte, and we serve it to you uncompressed so you don’t need any “unzip” utility to read it.

Numbers on the left (for example, 4:1) are chapter and verse numbers.  Text enclosed in {angle brackets} is not part of the Bible text, but rather a comment on a certain word that was used in the original language or a cross-reference to an Old Testament prophecy quoted or paraphrased in the New Testament.  These are part of the WEB Bible; we did not insert the comments.

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