Gerty's Gossip

Here is this week’s news from Gerty the Gossip – for our new gossip column in our bulletin:

1. Now I’m only telling you this so that you can pray about it, but I heard that Pastor Arthur Robinson, the founding pastor of Full Gospel Chapel in Salem, Massachusetts was seen walking into a BAR and STAYING there for HOURS!  Now I can’t tell you who told me because I’m sworn to secrecy, but I just think you ought to know that because obviously he needs deep intercession. Now make sure you don’t tell anyone else, OK?

2. And Pastor Steve and Rosie – are they on the rocks?  Well, she’s on the Rock now – that’s what they call Newfoundland, and Steve’s at home by himself. Need I say more? Told ya their marriage was too good to be true!

3. And I heard that Pastor Steve once was often missing when he was on the worship team down at Jonathan Del Turco’s church north of Boston – he wasn’t seen at the piano for one or two weeks at a time on many occasions for any services at all. In fact, he missed almost 3 weeks of nightly services during a revival meeting once! Maybe he backslid a lot back then. Someone ought to look into this. Maybe he isn’t as faithful as he comes across.

4. I heard that people are saying that someone overheard that the Trade Winds is kicking out PBFC.

5. I also hear that Pastor Steve is caught up with money because he has a rich friend who took him for a drive around Rockland in a Brink’s truck – isn’t that just pathetic?

Thus ends Gerty’s Gossip Column. For some true stories, look below.

1. Pastor Steve preached his first sermon at the late Arthur Robinson’s church and did street ministry with him way back 25 years ago.  One day a bar announced that it was having a talent show where they said that absolutely anything goes – no restrictions or censorship. So Arthur, who would do anything and everything to get the gospel out to as many people in that town as possible, entered the contest on that basis and sang about Jesus and preached a salvation message as his “act”.  The crowd was more receptive than his own church crowd, so much so that they asked him to stay and do another whole set later on that night. He said you could have heard a pin drop in that bar, they were listening so intently.

2. We were eating out once and someone asked, surprised, if we were “still together”! Someone had started a rumor that we had separated! Anyway, we haven’t (our marriage has always been great) and the latest deal is that she’s organizing a big family party for 200 people up there now; I’ll be joining her next week, and I will get lots of hugs and kisses from her when I get there.

3. I missed weeks of services while on the mission field in other countries and playing the piano for a certain minister around New England with the pastor’s consent and approval.  However, some dear heart started a rumor that I had backslidden and that’s why I wasn’t around, and people were believing it and getting very concerned for me.

4. This is another real rumor that has made the rounds, but it is not true.  We only had to change rooms and there are no plans to kick us out anytime that we know of.  We ARE looking into getting a building, but not because we “have” to right now.

5. My friend Rich Brink drove me around Rockland in his truck once and we had a great time of fellowship.

Remember, when gossip goes on, at least three people get hurt – the object of the gossip, the teller and the hearer! Don’t get involved with it!