Guess the Title

(The answer appears at the end of this article.  Can you figure it out before you get to the end?)

Marcie went up to the altar at the end of the service. “I want to get saved!” she exclaimed.

Harry, one of the altar workers, went over to her. “Lord, let this be the night!  Please, Lord, just some mercy drops from heaven. Touch this woman tonight!”

“I want to get saved.  I’m not here to get mercy drops or get touched. I’m here to get SAVED!” she insisted.

“That isn’t for everyone today, dear,” explained Harry.  “God used to do that for people before our current dispensation, but today He only does it in certain cases when it’s His will.”

“If Jesus paid for me to have it, how could salvation NOT be His will?” asked Marcie.

“God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform,” said Harry.  “He’s just beyond finding out. He saves those He wants to save and doesn’t save others.  I know several people in this church who are not saved even after hearing messages on how to be born again.  Their experience proves that salvation is not God’s will for all.”

“Well, I’m convinced it’s His will for ME,” said Marcie firmly.  “You’d better start praying for me or I’ll find another church that will!”

“Well, “ said Harry, “we can always just hope and pray.  If God wants to do it, He will, and if He doesn’t want to do it, He won’t.  Lord, we just commit this matter of Marcie’s salvation into Your hands. Your will be done, whatever it is.”

“Didn’t God make His will clear in His word?” asked Marcie.  “I thought that what Jesus did was for ‘whosoever’, and I’m a ‘whosoever’!”

“Sometimes you have to just keep on asking for something before you get it,” explained Harry. “If we can just get enough people in enough churches in agreement and we all bombard the gates of heaven on your behalf, maybe God will actually do something about saving you!”

“I thought He already did everything He needed to do!” said Marcie.

“No, we need to pray.  In fact, if we FAST along with our prayer, God might grant you salvation sooner.  You see, there might be big principalities and powers that are stronger than the Word of God who can stop your salvation from getting to you from heaven even if God already sent it. We need to fast those blockages out of the way so that you can receive your salvation. The Prince of Persia might be stopping it if he’s not too busy putting ideas into the head of Iran’s president with the name I can’t pronounce.  But you can pray this prayer with me now. Lord, send your saving power to this church. Yes, God, let there be a manifestation tonight of your saving power so that Marcie can get saved. Send the old-time power.”

“Why do I need a special manifestation of power to get saved?” asked Marcie. “Can’t I just act on His Word and get saved?

“No, it’s not up to you to act – it’s all up to God. Wait for the Lord.” counseled Harry. “It might not be His time yet. It might be His will for you to remain unsaved a while longer so that you can get to know more unsaved people that you can touch with your life when you finally do get saved.  By continuing to have a messed-up life, you will be able to identify with so many other people’s problems later after you’re saved.”

“Nuts to this; I’m outta here!” yelled Marcie, making a bee-line for the big double door in the back.


The title of this article is, “If People Dealt with the ‘New Birth’ Aspect of Salvation the Same Way They Deal with the Healing Aspect of It”