How Legalistic Are You?

Which of the following are explicitly prohibited based on New Testament teaching, even if the practice was unknown in Bible times?

  • A. Playing cards
  • B. Drinking alcoholic beverages
  • C. Drinking caffeinated beverages
  • D. Dancing
  • E. Buying lottery tickets
  • F. Going to movies
  • G. Women wearing clothes other than dresses in public
  • H. Smoking
  • I. Working on Sunday
  • J. Making bets on the golf course
  • K. Being involved with the stock market
  • L. Wearing jewelry other than wedding rings
  • M. Serving in the military
  • N. Celebrating Easter
  • O. Having painted depictions of Jesus in your house
  • P. Buying yachts and luxury cars
  • Q. Listening to music with a rock, rap or disco beat
  • R. Getting a perm
  • S. Celebrating Valentine’s Day
  • T. Men showing up at church without a jacket and tie
  • U. Putting up a Christmas tree
  • V. Using Internet dating services
  • W. Worrying
  • X. Hunting
  • Y. Getting a tattoo
  • Z. Piercing parts of your body

For every message downing some of the things on this list, I wonder how many messages warn about the ONE thing on this list that really IS prohibited in the New Testament, and how many people engage in it who think that the other things are scandalous.

(The ONE of the activities above that is explicitly banned for Christians is discussed in Matthew 6:25-34!)