How Many People Attend Your Services?

This is probably the most frequently asked question of the bunch, and our least favorite to answer because it can vary so much from week to week.  We don’t want to keep updating the Web site as we grow (or shrink -- Jesus lost disciples in John 6 and if He could, we could).  So our best answer to you is, “Come and find out for yourself this Sunday!”  We won’t have to update that answer!

Pastor Steve often declines to answer this questions at ministers’ meetings because of other people’s propensity to (a) put us on a “totem pole” based on our attendance and (b) people’s tendency to equate numbers with success. If numbers make you successful, we could point you to some Christ-denying cult groups who are very “successful” in that regard. Real success comes from obeying the Head of the Church and following the Holy Spirit’s lead in our services.  It is measured more by the difference we make in the community than in our Sunday morning head count. The question is not how many people occupy our seats, but how many committed disciples of Jesus are being raised up who can go out boldly and share their faith with others. We invite you to come and be one of those on-fire, sold-out, fearless, radical disciples of Jesus!