How to

Being saved is NOT the result of attending or joining a church (even ours), doing good works, giving in offerings, cooking beans for bean suppers, being sprinkled as an infant, praying for others, or committing fewer sins than that guy next door.

God does not weigh your good works and bad works and see which way the scale tips to determine where you will spend eternity. You can KNOW where you will spend eternity before you stand before Jesus at the final judgement.

You may have wondered…how many sins do you have to commit before you are judged to be deserving of hell?  The Biblical answer is…ONE! And it doesn’t matter which one, either.  Worry, gossip and other “socially acceptable” sins are just as deadly as murder or robbery.  But doesn’t this mean that everyone deserves hell on that basis?  Yes!  But that’s not the end of the story.

Jesus lived a sinless life and then bled on a cross to pay the penalty for our sins. ALL of them! Every sin you’ve ever committed – or will commit.  He allowed God to punish HIM in your place for YOUR sins.

Jesus died on that cross, but He didn’t stay dead! He rose again and ascended to God’s right hand. The Bible tells us that if you believe that God raised Jesus from the dead (which He did) and you confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth, you shall be saved.  You need to receive Him.  Ask Him to be Lord of your life.  That’s all God is looking for. You don’t have to work for salvation – you only need to receive it.  When you do this, you are “born again” and Jesus comes to live inside you. You become a new person with a new nature.

God will honor whatever choice you make in this life.  If you decide you want Jesus, you will get to be with Jesus forever.  If you decide you don’t want Jesus, you will get to be without Jesus forever.  We strongly recommend the first option!

If you have just asked Jesus to save you from your sins, please let us know! We want to help you in any way we can with your Christian walk!