How to Miss God

If you want to know what God wants for you, follow after peace.  God will lead you by a Holy Spirit witness on the inside. That is the safest way to hear from God.  Now here are some ways that almost guarantee that you will miss God:

  • 1. Fleeces – “God, if you want me to do this, let this happen.”  Gideon got away with that, but that doesn’t cut it now that the Holy Spirit has come to be your Guide. The devil can arrange natural circumstances to mess you up if you’re depending on them. A variation on this that some ministers use is, “Lord, if you want me to do this, open doors for me to do it.”  That is no better.
  • 2. Praying for Voices, Visions and Visitations – When these things happened in the Book of Acts, people were not praying for them, they were as the Lord decided.  There are many voices out there, and they don’t all originate with God!
  • 3. Looking for Prophecies – God has put prophets in the church, but not so that you could be led by personal prophecies! I’ve had people prophesy things to me that were totally ridiculous – and wrong. The Holy Spirit is your guide, not personal prophecies. They tried to tell Paul “through the Spirit” not to go to Jerusalem, but it was the people prophesying that who missed God, not Paul, who went anyway.  Nowhere does the New Testament tell you to be led by personal prophecies, but it does tell you to be led by the Spirit!
  • 4. What Everyone Else Thinks – Many good works would never have been started if the founders went by what everyone else said!  We aren’t supposed to be led by the majority.
  • 5. Walking Out of Love – Get used to walking in the flesh and you might get some “guidance” that isn’t your spirit man speaking!
  • 6. Reasoning – What God wants is not always “reasonable” to your natural mind; you can talk yourself right out of His will!