Is my giving to PBFC Tax-Deductible?


If you use our envelopes, we will send you a tax receipt for your giving at the end of January for the previous calendar year.

We encourage you to do that if you itemize your deductions on US Schedule A.  That way, you will have more money after taxes! Why render unto Caesar MORE than is Caesar’s?

On the other hand, if you just claim the standard deduction on your taxes, it doesn’t really matter what you do, since you would not itemize your charitable giving on Schedule A.

Any church, just because it is a church, can offer receipts for tax-deductible contributions. It does not have have to be explicitly recognized by the IRS or even incorporated. However, we are both.  The State of Maine and the IRS both explicitly recognize Penobscot Bay Family Church as a non-profit church.  That way, you can give knowing that the IRS won’t question your tax deduction for your gifts if you are audited. (Though such questioning would be about as likely as getting hit by a meteorite, frankly. They have better things to do than making you prove that the organization you gave to is a real church.)