Kicking Gates that Are Already Open

Jesus said to believe that you receive when you pray.  Very few Christians ever get the hang of this, but once you realize how this works, it will change your life. Most people are “a hopin’ and a prayin’” about things. When they don’t see an answer right away, they assume that they just have to pray more.  Then they still don’t see an answer because their prayers aren’t offrered in faith, so they assume that they need to get everyone in the world praying for them, and that if enough people would “bombard the gates of heaven” with prayers long enough, God will finally give in.

Of course, the gates aren’t shut to you anyway – you have bold access to the throne of God, so there’s no sense trying to bombard open gates. Entering into His gates with thanksgiving is appropriate, while trying to kick down gates that are already open is not.  God says to come boldly in faith, not like Melvin Milquetoaste in wimpy unbelief.  (If you are a first-time visitor and your name is actually Melvin Milquetoaste, feel free to put another name here – unless you pray in wimpy unbelief yourself.)

Christians give themselves away when they say, “Now make sure you keep praying about this!” The person who says that hasn’t received anything. If you received when you prayed (Mark 11:24), why would you keep praying for something you already received?  There is often some time between the “Amen” and the “There it is”, and during the time before you see the natural manifestation of what you want, you must keep thanking God for it, not asking Him over and over for the same thing like the heathen do.  The “prayer of faith” we see in James 5 is prayed ONCE, and all subsequent prayer about the matter is praise and thanksgiving, because you know that Jesus promised that if you would believe you receive at the time you pray, you’ll have whatever it is.  You receive it with your spirit first, then it manifests in the natural.  Until it does, you keep thanking, not begging.