Life's OTHER Important Decisions

Whom do we marry, where do we live, where do we work doing what? These are important decisions. If you were to ask most people what the important decisions in life are, those would probably come up. If the person is a Christian, he would probably tell you (correctly) that life’s most important decision is receiving Christ.  But there is another kind of very important decision in life.  I had such a decision to make yesterday at Hannaford. Rosie told me there was a woman going through a nearby checkout who hardly had a stitch of clothes on above the waist.  The decision was whether I was going to gawk all I could or look the other way.

I thought of Job 31:1: “I have made a covenant with my eyes; why then should I look (look intently or gaze) upon a young woman?” Job was married, so why indeed? No wonder God said there was no one on earth who was blameless and upright, who feared God and shunned evil like Job (Job 1:8)!

I could see who Rosie meant, but I quickly turned the other way and looked at Rosie instead. But there was still the temptation to look back when Rosie wasn’t looking.  She wouldn’t have known.  You wouldn’t have known.  God WOULD have known, but even that was not the real issue.  The issue was, what would it do to me if I made it my practice to be a rubbernecker and gawk at every female who goes by? People don’t necessarily get into serious trouble by looking, but I’ll betcha that people who don’t look definitely do not get into trouble with the people they don’t look at!  Serious trouble starts with the little decisions in life that are really big decisions! Sin starts on the inside before it ever gets to the outside.  Jesus talked about this, too. Sometimes it’s those little decisions that end up being the biggest ones of all.  As I like to say, you’ll never get all the way up the staircase of sin if you won’t get on the first step.  How many people have shipwrecked their lives, and it all can be traced to one of those “little” big decisions?