Obed-Edom and the Ark

The Israelites were bringing the Ark of the Covenant home. The Law of Moses gave very strict rules on handling the Ark, because the presence of God was in that Ark. The sons of Kohath had to carry it by poles that were run through rings on the Ark so that it would not be actually touched. However, someone had a really, really bad idea.  Instead of having the sons of Kohath carry it carefully on poles, someone decided to make things ďeasierĒ by just putting it on an ox-drawn cart instead. Big mistake. The oxen stumbled and the cart started falling.  A man named Uzzah tried to steady it and fell dead immediately when he touched it.

Of course, this terrified everyone, and David decided he wasnít in such a hurry to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem after all.  So they decided to park the Ark in the home of someone named Obed-Edom.  (For some reason, the name Obed-Edom has never caught on with parents today as a baby name, possibly because his name could be rearranged in English to spell Be-Doomed, though that may have nothing to do with it. But anyway, Iím on an ark-tangent, so Iíll get back to the story.)

So the ark stayed at Obed-Edomís house.  Iím sure Obed-Edom kept his mitts off of it. Something very interesting happened, though. Everyone in Obed-Edomís household was blessed. In fact, everything that belonged to him was blessed, apparently in a conspicuous way that got people talking.  In fact, they decided they wanted the Ark back in Jerusalem when the saw how blessed Obed-Edomís family was.

Hereís a question to ask yourself. If the presence of God brought blessing to Obed-Edom, why is it that people today think that if you hang around God, you should end up poor and that it is godly to take a vow of poverty? As believers, we have the same presence of God that hung out at Obed-Edomís house on the inside of us. So should we expect to wander like beggars, satisfied with just a cottage below, a little silver and a little gold? If all that Obed-Edom had could be conspicuously blessed because the presence of God was in his house, shouldnít we as New Testament believers expect at least as much when the presence of God is in our homes, and in our very bodies as believers?

The account of Obed-Edom and the ark should convince you that God is not out to rip you off Ė he is out to bless you and all that you have.