PBFC isn’t church as usual!  Here’s what’s “out” and “in” here.

OUT: Church is a filling station where you come to get filled up.
IN:  Church is a tanker truck that supplies YOUR filling station so that you can go out and fill others up!

OUT: Bring sinners to church so they can hear how to get saved.
IN:  Lead sinners to the Lord yourself, then bring them to church!

OUT: Forget YOUR vision and help the pastor accomplish HIS vision.
IN:  The pastor’s vision IS to help you fulfill YOUR vision!

OUT: God wants your pastor to run your life.
IN:  The pastor wants God to run your life!

OUT: Come watch the minister do the work of the ministry.
IN:  Come let the minister help YOU do the work of the ministry.

OUT: Don’t let the Holy Spirit move, because that could offend the first-time visitors.
IN:  Don’t stop the Holy Spirit from moving, because that could offend the Holy Spirit!

OUT: Come ready to receive from the preacher.
IN:  Come ready to receive from the preacher AND others, and come ready to share something to bless others in the service.

OUT: Teach people to follow leaders.
IN:  Teach people to BE leaders.

OUT: Gossip, cliques, “in-crowds”, church politics, jealousy, “we were here first”, infighting, strife, playing favorites, power struggles.
IN:  Love!