Praying Beats Complaining

Any fool can complain, and many fools do.  Complainers usually donít pray much, and praying people usually donít complain much.

So before you open your mouth to complain, consider opening your mouth to pray instead!

Donít like the way people at the State House handle taxes? Better to pray for them than to complain about them.  They need your prayers. Do YOU have the answer for taxes in this state? If you do, please let your elected officials know what the answer is. If you donít, pray that God will help them figure out the answer!

Donít like seeing the school taxes munch more of your money every year?  You can just complain about it to everyone, or you can pray for the school board for wisdom in handling the districtís money. And thank God for those willing to serve in a quite thankless position where someone will always be upset, whether a parent of a school child or a taxpayer being forced to move by the tax increases.

Donít like the way health insurance works in this state? Better to pray about it than to complain about it.  Pray for those who are responsible for setting policy in this state for the industry that they will have the wisdom to implement rules that help people without driving every insurer out of the state.

If youíve ever complained about the high cost of home heating oil, have you ever prayed about it and asked God to help our country with its oil price issues?  Praying beats complaining, especially because you can believe God for your needs regardless of what the price of home heating oil is this winter.

Donít like the increasing immorality around us?  You can complain about the immoral people or you can pray for the immoral people, who most definitely need prayer. It is much more spiritual to pray and then go share the gospel with these people than to complain about how wicked they are.  How do you EXPECT a sinner to act?  He just does what is natural for him Ė SIN!

Donít like the way your spouse is behaving?  You can complain to all your friends about it, or you can pray for your spouse. Your spouse has free will and your prayers canít MAKE that person do anything, but your prayers can at least make it easier for that person to make the right choices. (And remember, even if that spouse continues to make wrong choices, God will not hold you accountable for them.)

Donít like certain things at church? You can cause trouble by telling everyone else at church what you think and trying to get them to agree with you, or you can pray for the pastor and the others at church.  (And pastors are better off praying for the sheep than complaining about them!) If you have suggestions for improvement, let the pastor know, but realize that it is impossible for the pastor to implement every idea heís presented with because there will always be contradictions in what people want if there is more than one person in the church!  This is particularly true in the areas of music style, sound volume, service length and sermon topics!

Donít like the spiritual climate in this area? Pray!  Our prayers can change the climate. Complaining only reinforces the status quo.

Donít have enough money? You can complain about it and give Satan the right to louse up your finances even more, or you can pray about it in faith, trusting God to honor His promises to you.

Iím not saying you should never express your opinions about anything.  But a good policy would be not to express your disgust with anything that you havenít prayed about first!  That would cut down the complaints for most of us, especially since you might not want to complain after all once youíve prayed about it!