Quit Praying About It

Want to see what you need in your life?  You might see it faster if you quit praying about it!  In fact, continuing to pray about something is often an indicator of unbelief, not faith.  If you have the attitude, “I’ll pray until I see the manifestation!” about a personal need, you may never see the manifestation.

Jesus did not teach that you should keep praying and praying until you see the manifestation you need.  He did teach that you should believe that you receive what you ask for when you prayIf you have truly believed you received, why are you continuing to pray about it? The only thing left to do is praise and thank God for what you already have! Anything else is not real faith. It is Thomas’s faith instead of Abraham’s faith. Thomas said that he would only believe after he saw. Abraham believed before he saw and called those things that be not as though they were. He was calling himself “Father of a Multitude” when Sarah was too old to have kids and he didn’t have any children, much less a multitude of descendants. He did not keep praying for Isaac to be born!  He trusted God.

Many well-meaning folks in the church world are praying when they should be trusting. It is so much better to trust than to keep frantically praying.  You can live carefree with a bounce in your step when you trust God to do what He said He would do.  It’s possible to pray in a way that is little more than spiritualized worry and doubting that God is faithful to His word, but it’s a lot better to enter into rest by believing.

Believe you receive when you pray, then trust God to honor His word. That does NOT mean to resign to whatever happens and then blame God for it. Faith is not resignation.  You are not trusting that God will “know best” regardless of what happens.  You are trusting God and so you know what’s going to happen – exactly what God said would happen in His word!

Now, you might ask, what about the lady who went to the unjust judge and decided to keep bugging him until she got what she wanted? First, you should realize that she was NOT coming for a personal need such as healing or money – she was looking for justice against an adversary. If you are praying for revival or the toppling of an unjust regime like the one in Iran, you do not just believe you receive once.  If we want justice in Iran, we must keep praying.  If we want revival, there is precedent in the Bible to keep praying and “give God no rest” until He makes this area a burning light. But that is NOT how you receive a healing or a miracle.

Second, the judge was unjust and God is just.  He is NOT the unjust judge in the story who needs to be bugged and bugged about things.

Third, God will avenge His people speedily, not slowly!  That’s part of the parable too!

Now what about the fact that when Jesus said “ask,” the Greek meaning is really “Keep on asking?” You should indeed keep asking God for things, but Jesus did NOT mean that you should keep asking and asking about the same thing over and over!  He couldn’t have meant that because He warned us NOT to use vain repetitions as the heathen do.

If you continue to ask and ask about the same thing over and over, you are using vain repetitions as the heathen do rather than “believing you receive when you pray.”  Don’t make that mistake!

I am convinced that few Christians really operate in the realm of “trusting” with God, and they’re missing out on so much joy and peace!  You don’t have to pray on and on to have your need met – a five-second prayer prayed in faith in which you believe you receive will get the job done!