What Are You Redeemed From?

“Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”), -- Galatians 3:13

Most Christians know that Jesus Christ redeemed their lives from the pit of hell, but sadly, that’s all most of them know about redemption. The gospel is not just the good news that Jesus purchased “fire insurance” to keep you out of hell.  You are redeemed from much, much more than just eternal perdition.  Deuteronomy 28:15-68 contains the fullest exposition of “the curse of the law” that Paul mentions.  Paul quotes the verse just before Deuteronomy 28 in Galatians 3:10, so we know this is the context.  (The law itself was not a curse; Paul said that the law was holy, just and good in Romans 7:12.  Paul was referring to the curse that was written in the law, not the law itself.) Anything written in this “curse” passage of the law is something you’ve been redeemed from. Take a look, it’ll blow your socks off.

Did you know that you have been redeemed from sickness?  Many sicknesses are mentioned by name in the curse, and every one that ISN”T mentioned is also included according to Deuteronomy 28:61. Therefore, Christ redeemed you from all sicknesses in this life. This chapter also mentions several things we would call mental illness, proving that Christ redeemed you from mental as well as physical illnesses.

Did you know that you are redeemed from confusion? That’s included in the curse that Christ has redeemed you from. God wants to be your Guide forever, and He is NOT the author of confusion. He has made provision for you to go through life without being confused!

Did you know that you are redeemed from a life of worry? A “trembling heart” is part of the curse Jesus has redeemed you from. You don’t have to worry your way through life.

Did you know that you have been redeemed from poverty and lack?  The curse says you’ll be the tail and not the head, others will rule over you, you’ll be in need of all things. You are redeemed from living like that!  You are redeemed from working crummy jobs that make other people rich and give you lousy pay and benefits. You are redeemed from business failure because the curse said that everything you put your hand to would be cursed, and Christ redeemed you from having things you put your hand to be cursed!  You’re redeemed from having others “rise higher and higher above you”.  You’re redeemed from having your car repossessed. (OK, the Bible does not say car, but it’s talking about your “ride” when it says that you will have your donkey taken from you as part of the curse.)

Did you know that you have even been redeemed from borrowing?  Borrowing is called a curse. Don’t believe those credit card convenience check letters that talk about how they want to “bless” you with an expensive dream vacation you can’t afford.  Those checks are “convenience checks” because they’re convenient for the credit card company, not you!  They’d love to get 3% from you up front and then to have you fork over interest to them forever. Do you think those banks really want to bless you? They’re out to bless themselves with YOUR hard-earned money, making you the servant of the lender as you shell out interest month after month to make them richer and you poorer.  That’s the kind of arrangement you’ve been redeemed from – God wants US to be the lenders, not the borrowers. You need to stop seeing borrowing as a blessing because God calls it a curse!

If we’re not yet walking in the full reality of this, let’s make God’s standard our standard and start to call a curse what God calls a curse – and thank Jesus for redeeming us from it!