Should Christians Buy Insurance?

This article is for those wondering the following: ďSince God promises us health and healing, should we have medical insurance?  Since God promises to protect us and bless the home of the just, should we have house insurance?  Since God promises us long life, should we have life insurance? Since Psalm 91 says that no accident shall befall us, should we have car insurance?Ē

The thinking behind these question is: ďIf we trust God to stay healthy, medical insurance is a waste of money.  If we trust God to protect our home and rebuke the devourer for our sakes, home insurance is a waste of money.  If we trust God for long life, there is no need for life insurance. Since we wonít have accidents, we donít need car insurance!Ē

Aside from the legal aspects (car and house insurance are mandatory for some), what should our attitude as Christians be?

I would be the first to encourage you to believe God, not the human medical system, for your healing. However, I do carry medical insurance and have done so all my adult life Ė despite the fact that I donít think Iíve ever cost the insurance companies anything in claims over my deductible!  The issue for me would be, ďWhat if someone wants to whack me one when Iím handing out tracts?Ē Iíve only been threatened once this year, but what if someone really did something? Iíd want to get decent medical care. Having said that, I carry a huge deductible so that I can get cheap rates; my main reason for carrying medical insurance is just so that I donít lose my house if something crazy happens.

Now take Rosieís case. She was hit with a golf ball and spent about 13 hours in the ER at Pen Bay Medical Center; they werenít even sure sheíd survive.  I was glad we were covered. Even though the deductible limit wasnít reached, some providers take big percentages off the bill if youíre insured, so that helped.  [Testimony since this was first published in our bulletin:  ALL expenses related to the accident are being paid for us, so weíre not even out any deductible amount. God truly does rebuke the devourer for the sake of those who tithe.]

Iím not concerned that Iím going to drive into a telephone pole if thereís no one on the road. Yet weíve had some close calls with people who donít know how to stay on their own side of the road.  Personally, Iíd rather be covered.  Rosie got hit a couple years ago while at a standstill because someone else wasnít paying attention; Iíve had the same thing happen to me.

I suppose if we were all perfect in faith, we would not need insurance.  But Iím not there yet and I donít know anyone else who is, either. People I respect have died well before their time. Others have ended up in the hospital, and that can be a disaster if youíre uninsured.

I donít sell insurance, so Iím not soliciting for the insurance industry.  I dislike the ever-increasing medical premiums as much as anyone.  However, some uninsured Christians have lost their homes because of a one-week stay in the hospital for an operation.  It adds up REALLY quickly!  And Iíd rather not be just one operation or one accident away from losing everything Iíve worked for my entire life!

I cringed when I heard a ďfaithĒ preacher proclaim that he never carries insurance and wonít take medicine; he even belittled others who do.  Joel Osteenís dad went in the hospital for a bypass operation when he was alive; I heard him explain (live and in person) that he didnít want to ďdie proving his doctrine!Ē  We all have a certain threshold where it is too much for our faith; some of us have higher thresholds than others because weíve developed our faith to different degrees. But I donít think Iím there yet where I could handle any amount of pain and any serious condition and not want a doctor. Are you? (If so, please share your great faith secrets with me!)

So letís address this concern: Does it offend God if you buy insurance?  Does it mean that you are anti-faith and full of wicked doubt and unbelief in the promises of God? I donít think so.  I would still urge you to trust in God rather than in ďthe arm of the flesh,Ē but for me, Iíd rather know that if for some reason my ďbelievingĒ wasnít perfect, I wouldnít lose everything.  Thatís my position; others may feel free to disagree.