Stop Magnifying the Devil!

The Bible exhorts you to magnify the Lord, but it never tells you to magnify the devil. Yet that is what many Christians do. To listen to them, it seems like Satan is big and powerful and poor little God can hardly do anything about him. But the truth is that Satan is defeated and you have authority over him.  Jesus doesnít have to do anything about the devil Ė He already did everything He needs to do about the devil as far as you are concerned in this life. He gave you the authority to run him off.  As James said, resist the devil and he will flee from you! He is supposed to run from you in terror; you are not supposed to run from him in terror.

Satan wants to make you think heís a big deal so that you will be afraid of him so that you donít find out the truth Ė that he is afraid of YOU! He knows what you have in Christ and he hopes you never figure it out!

How does the devil get magnified in Christian circles? One way is the worn-out expression, ďAll hell is breaking loose against me!Ē  First, that is not true.  You are not enough of a threat by yourself to force all demons everywhere to stop bothering everyone else just to come and concentrate on you. Besides, if all hell did break loose against you, you have authority in the name of Jesus to run every single demon off. Too many Christians make it sound like if you really try to do something for God, Satan will come and eat your lunch every which way.  He doesnít have the right to do that!

If you serve God, His blessings will start chasing you down! You will be blessed, not beaten up all the time.

Iím not saying Satan wonít try to defeat you.  He tried with Jesus and he will try with you.  But Jesus ran him off and so can you. He left us an example that we should follow in His steps.  Do you see Jesus complain anywhere that all hell was breaking loose against Him?  Do you see Jesus getting beaten up by Satan for trying to serve God?  Satan was surely at work stirring up the crowds to try to kill Him, but Jesus walked in victory over everything the devil planned, and so can you.

Then you get people who think itís a badge of honor that so many bad things are happening.  ďI must really be making the devil mad,Ē they say.  Well, I doubt that the devil was in a good mood before they did whatever it was. The devil is always mad. Heís full of anger, resentment, hate, bitterness and other evil. You didnít make him mad; heís been mad for a long time. Donít take it personally that he hates you; he hates everyone. If youíll be really impressed by him and give devilmonies in church about how Satan is really whipping you, heíll be eager to show up so he can get more glory on the earth out of your mouth.  Heís still on a pride trip, you know. He loves to be magnified, and itís a double treat for him when Godís people do it!

Some even say, ďI expected all these bad things to happen because of all Iím doing for God!Ē  I expect good things to happen to me because of all Iím doing for God. I do NOT expect my finances to be stolen, my health to be stolen, my joy to be stolen or anything else that is mine in Christ to be stolen.  You should not expect it either!  If you expect it, you will be in company with Job, who said, ďThat which I greatly feared has come upon me.Ē As for me, I expect the blessings and thatís what I get. If you expect constant turmoil and defeat, thatís what youíll get. According to your faith it will be done unto you, so make sure that your faith is in God rather than in Satan.

Too many Christians major on the first part of the verse where Jesus said that in this world you will have tribulation.  They forget the last part Ė that He has overcome the world. Since you are in Christ, you are a world overcomer too.

Finally, many Christians do a lot of magnifying of principalities and powers, even though the Bible says that they are already defeated and that they come to nothing.  Since they come to nothing, they are not such a big deal. They cannot hold back your answered prayers Ė unless you go around saying that theyíre doing it!  You are not under the Old Covenant where Michael took 21 days to get through to Daniel.  Remember, that was BEFORE Jesus spoiled and defeated the Prince of Persia and all his buddies. They had rights back then that they donít have now, so remember which covenant youíre in!