Taste and See

Psalm 34:8: ďOh, taste and see that the Lord is goodÖĒ

This statement might seem strange if you try to analyze it intellectually. How can you taste God? You canít exactly put Him in your mouth to see what He tastes like. Yet you can taste God with your Spirit.  You can hunger and thirst for Him, and you can taste His presence spiritually. And once you really do, you will never be satisfied with another ďdryĒ service or ďdryĒ personal life that is devoid of His tangible presence.

Many Christians today, including many ďfaith peopleĒ, are no longer tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.  They limit themselves to a more intellectual approach to God. God is the author of your intellect, but He didnít give it to you to be a substitute for satisfying your spirit. Some people seem to think that all they need is to hear Godís Word.  Please understand that you do need to hear Godís Word regularly, but youíll dry up if your experience in the Word isnít supplemented with experiencing the awesome presence of God!  The best place to experience the presence of God is corporately, where believers gather in His name. You will be able to ďtasteĒ the presence of God in a way you wonít ever fully do by yourself. However, it is important to abide in the Vine on a personal level too.

Pastor Rosie used to be an alcoholic.  (Thatís right, we donít believe the lie that says ďOnce an alcoholic, always an alcoholicĒ and we certainly wonít compound the problem by confessing ďIím an alcoholicĒ at meetings! We believe in ďOnce an alcoholic, now set free forever from it by Jesus Christ!Ē  There is freedom in the name of Jesus that you will not find in the name of a generic Higher Power, however you understand Him to be.) She got a taste for alcohol, and the more she tasted it, the more she wanted it until she was addicted to it.  She tasted and thought it was good, so she kept having more.

But then she found that God tasted better! You can taste and see how good He is, and once you do, you want more and more and more. You become a God addict, and thatís a good addiction!

But this addiction is not shared by many churchgoers today.  Most churches in America have services where there is no tangible presence of God in manifestation, only intellectual dissertations about some aspect of the Bible (or in some places, not even anything to do with the Bible anymore). That just doesnít cut it for me. I couldnít stand going to service after service where you canít discern the presence of God! Godís presence is everywhere, but it isnít tangible everywhere! Call me emotional if you want, but I like to feel the presence of God! Thereís nothing like the glory of God coming into a service. Iíve tasted and seen, and itís good! The reason God doesnít manifest Himself in power in most churches is that they have lost their taste for Him.  Since they donít even remember what He tastes like anymore, they are content not to taste Him at all, and they just kind of muddle along, going nowhere in their own strength and wisdom.

If I had never tasted a chocolate glazed doughnut, I would not necessarily want one. But after having one, now I know how yummy they are, and I have a taste for them.  (I really donít eat them often, by the way, though if I could do so and not wreck myself nutritionally, I probably would.)

God promises to fill those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.  He promises to pour out on him who is thirsty.  Are you thirsty for the presence of God like a deer panting for water? If you arenít, God has not promised to pour out anything on you.  If youíre not hungry and thirsty, God has not promised to fill you.  God says that you will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart.  He has not promised that you will get anything if you seek Him half-heartedly.  God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. If you donít seek Him diligently, He has not promised any reward. There is no shortcut.  I donít have a way to walk in His best if you want your experiences with Him to be microwave fast. But if you will hunger and thirst for HIM, you will be filled beyond anything you can imagine.