Vote or Quit Griping

Anyone can complain about decisions made by the government.  Anyone can complain about high taxes. Anyone can complain about certain elected officials who have agendas completely contrary to the Word of God.

The question is, are you willing to do anything about it?

I’ve recently written to legislators on two bills I didn’t like, attended a public forum and spoken against one of them, and gone to a special town meeting and a local school board meeting to express my views on a certain issue.

I’m busy.  Everyone is busy. It is never convenient to do things like this. However, I’ve realized that certain people with certain agendas see to it that they are NOT “too busy” to get involved. I was shocked that it was YEARS since someone went to one of these places and expressed my point of view.  But people with other points of view have come out of the woodwork.

We can’t legally, as a 501(c)3 corporation, tell you which laws to vote for or against, or which candidates to vote for or against. However, I can tell you that you need to get involved – at the very least, at the polls.

I’m shocked that some Christians have a fatalistic attitude toward government. They don’t vote, and they tell themselves, “The Antichrist world government is coming anyway.  It doesn’t matter what I do; everything is just going downhill.  What’s the use? My vote won’t matter anyway, all those other people will show up and vote and get their way anyway because there are more of them than there are people who agree with me.”

Suppose every Christian thought that way.  Now suppose every Christian made sure to get out and vote on the issues.

You might be wondering how any of this relates to the Word.  Glad you’re wondering! Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth.  Salt preserves things so that they don’t spoil.

I believe the “he who restrains” (i.e., restrains the Antichrist) is the Church. We’ll be “taken out of the way” when we’re raptured, but until then, we are to be a restraining force on the earth to see to it that anti-Christian things don’t get their way in our communities.  The devil and his crowd are pushy and someone needs to curb their agendas.

You might have seen the article recently about how they were planning to teach yoga in school in Camden.  (It made the front page of the Camden Herald this week.) Now they are reconsidering and will probably not do it.  A major reason why was that a Camden pastor and his wife spoke out against it, pointing out that yoga contains elements of Eastern religion.  The school officials weren’t even aware of that!  Thank God for bold people like them who are willing to stick their necks on the line in public.

On the other hand, I know of a town here in Maine where they passed a law against handing out tracts.  That’s an illegal law because it violates the First Amendment – yet for years no Christian has challenged it in court – and if one did, he’d win! Where’s the salt of the earth there? A town I used to live in passed a rule in the high school that anyone saying anything negative about homosexuality (not just homosexuals, but the practice of homosexuality) was to be expelled from school!  My biggest disappointment wasn’t the law, it was that no one stood up for his First Amendment rights and got expelled.  He’d win in court.  No salt there.  (I did write a pair of letters that were published in the local paper; I wasn’t silent on the issue even though I wasn’t involved with that school.)

We can’t be assured that we will get our way at the voting booth every time. But if you don’t even go to the voting booth, I don’t want to hear you complain about the government that you let everyone else elect!

[Note: VOTE OR QUIT GRIPING, PART 2 below was published on March 25, 2007]

We had a selectman vote in Cushing last week, and the day was getting long and Rosie & I were going out to meet someone.  It seemed like an inconvenience to go vote when I figured the candidate I supported probably wasn’t going to win. But I went and voted anyway because it was the right thing to do. Besides, I’d just written that article last week about the importance of getting out and voting!

The race ended in a tie with 135 votes each. (You may have seen this on the front page of the Courier-Gazette this week.)  Had I not gone, the candidate I didn’t want to see win would have won by one vote. Now there will be a runoff election – and I’ll make sure that I take the time to vote in it. Sometimes your one vote CAN make a difference. Mine did.  Imagine how I would have felt if I had not bothered and the other candidate had won 135-134!

Interestingly, a man I met at the town meeting said that he was going to vote at the last minute, but didn’t because he assumed that his candidate was going to win easily.  If HE had voted, his candidate would have won!