What is the Anointing?

The anointing is spiritual power, just as electricity is natural power.  There are actually many similarities.

Both can be stored.  Batteries can store electricity, and in Acts we see cloth items storing the anointing so that it could flow into people who were not present at a meeting.

Both can be transferred from person to person. When I was a kid, I loved to scuff my feet on the carpet and get all charged up with static electricity so that I could “impart” it to my younger brothers.  (I have gotten much nicer since then.) The anointing can be transferred from person to person too.  We see that Jesus, who was the Christ (which means Anointed or The Anointed One), said that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him because He had anointed Him (see Luke 4).  Sometimes people could go to touch His clothes to receive healing. The woman with the issue of blood felt that she was healed when she touched His clothes, and Jesus felt power going out of Him.  The woman made a demand on the anointing that was on Jesus and received from that anointing. It flowed from Jesus into the woman.

Some things are better at conducting electricity than others.  Wood is not very good, but metal is very good.  Some people are better at “conducting” the anointing than others. People who are full of cares, distractions, unforgiveness, etc., are not very good at it, but people who keep themselves full of the Spirit are very good at it.

As Rosie always says, you should not come to church looking for the anointing.  You bring it with you as a believer.  1 John 2 tells you that you have received an anointing and that the anointing abides in you.  That was part of the package when you got saved.  That’s why you can lay hands on the sick and expect them to get well – the anointing will flow from you into the sick person.