What kind of music do you do?

We primarily do contemporary-style music, “rock” being the most predominant musical style. Occasionally we’ll throw in an “oldie but goodie” like Amazing Grace.  We believe that God is “hip” enough to enjoy our worship using current-sounding music, but we don’t believe that He objects to older hymns either if people prefer them.  We assume that most people in this area prefer rock, since there are “all rock” radio stations but no “all pipe organ hymns all the time” radio stations.  So why not use what people listen to when they have a choice?  (Of course, this refers to the style, not the specific songs. Don’t hold your breath at PBFC waiting for renditions of Only the Good Die Young, Love the One You’re With or Paradise by the Dashboard Light!)

Pastor Steve has written over 400 songs, some of which we use in our Sunday services.  We do a number of songs from Hillsongs Austrailia and have also used music by Third Day, Darrell Evans and other “upbeat” Christian artists. Pastor Steve sings and plays the synthesizer, and Pastor Rosie helps with the singing also.