Where are links to members' businesses?

We donít advertise membersí businesses on this site, and the primary reason is that we are a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) recognition. The IRS objects to ANY kind of ďprivate benefitĒ to the members of the organization that comes from the funds of the organization, and we donít get free Web hosting, even though our plan is dirt cheap.  So to stay in their good graces and keep our noses clean for 501(c)(3) purposes, we donít mix nonprofit activity with for-profit activity by advertising for-profit businesses on our site.  This also avoids conflicts if we get members with competing business, both of which want to be mentioned first or more prominently!  Also, we canít vouch for the quality or integrity of a business we donít know well, so itís safer not to appear to endorse various businesses.