Why did you move to Thomaston?

We got the best deal by far that we could find for a leased facility.  We had been looking for a good deal in the area for quite some time, and the offer we got at the Thomaston Academy building was so excellent that we would have been nuts to turn it down.

We appreciate the hospitality of the Trade Winds Motor Inn during the years 2003 through 2007 when we rented a function room from them on Sunday mornings.  However, we felt it was important to the growth of the church to have a facility that would be ours 24/7. Of course, we do not miss setting up and tearing down equipment every week.

We have by no means lost our heart for Rockland or “given up” on it. We will continue to conduct evangelistic activities in Rockland as much as ever! Our new facility is still only 4 miles from downtown Rockland. It is still our goal to have an impact on the entire area, not just a single town or city.