Why did you use .com, not .org?

Actually, we used both!  You can reach this Web site at any of the following URL’s:


It is considered normal for a non-profit organization (which we are) to use .org instead of .com, and many churches do.  However, some people aren’t aware of this and figure that .com belongs after everything, and we don’t want them to miss our site because of that. We’ve also heard from other ministries that searches seem to find their sites better when they are .com instead of .org.

So we’re set up so that you can type either one, and either abbreviate or not abbreviate “penobscot”.  The URL we advertise is penbayfamilychurch.com, which is shorter to type than penobscotbayfamilychurch.com, and doesn’t risk getting missed by people who aren’t sure how to spell “penobscot”.