Why have another church in the area?

Pastor Steve believes that the Lord wants him to be here in the Rockland area pastoring a church, and heís being obedient! Let us make clear that we donít think weíre the only ones preaching true salvation around here.  We know some other preachers and churches in the area preaching the same Jesus and the same eternal life that we preach, some of whom have become our friends.  They might use older music, instruments, furniture and Bible translations, but Jesus is still Jesus, and I donít think He cares if you worship him using pipe organs and hymns as some other churches do, or a synthesizer and rock ní roll as we do. Itís a matter of the heart.

Pastor Steve is here because he believes that heís called to this area, not because he took some survey of different areas and determined that Knox County had the greatest need!  He believes that he is in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.