Wrong Ideas about Prophets & Prophecy

Please note: All the statements below are FALSE!

The primary function of a New Testament prophet is to go around giving personal “words” to people as opposed to preaching and teaching and Word by the Spirit’s inspiration.

Prophets should have authority over pastors because they are higher in the pecking order, being “foundational” while pastors are not.

God set prophets in the church to direct the church.

You can become a prophet even though you remain a layperson the rest of your life.

You can attend a one-week “school of the prophets” and be ready to be a prophet.

If you prophesy in church, that means that you are a prophet.

Part of the prophet’s office in the modern day church is to lay out new doctrine that comes from the Lord.

Prophets have a gift they can turn on and off at will, so you can call on one to give you a personal “word” and they can start prophesying by faith and give you one.

Prophets should sometimes command you to give them money in the name of the Lord, and if you don’t obey them, you’re missing God.

We should do “prophetic evangelism” where we get people’s attention by doing public Christian fortune telling – oops, I mean prophecy – at malls and other public places.

If you are about to make a major decision, you should go consult a prophet first rather than just being led by the inward witness of the Holy Spirit.

A prophecy given in church should usually deal with predicting future events.

A word delivered with the intro or tag line “Thus saith the Lord” is authoritative, so it should never be judged, proved or questioned.

Because there is so much abuse and silly teaching going around the church today about prophets and prophecy, we should despise prophecy and want nothing to do with it.

Laypeople should not desire to prophesy in church.