Your Monumental Problem

(Is the following how you look at your current situation?)

Your current problem is finally the one that will sink your boat.  God was very gracious when you had problems before, but this time, your problem is so big it won’t even get solved with God on your side!  Parting the Red Sea was nothing compared to your problem.  Your problem makes walking on water pale by comparison.  God has always come through every time before and He’s never failed you or left you yet, but this time is a special case.  This time it’s different for some unknown reason.

Think of all the times God has rescued you before. Isn’t it sad that for some reason this is the one time God won’t intervene for you because it really is hopeless?  The other times, nothing was impossible for you because you were hooked up with God Almighty. Now apparently He’s God MostlyMighty after He considered how bad your situation is.

It’s too bad.  God was doing so well for thousands of years, never encountering anything that was impossible to Him.  He created billions of galaxies, each of which contains billions of stars.  Then YOU had to show up with this colossal problem!  This one is finally the one problem that is beyond God’s ability or willingness to solve. God batted 1.000 up until now. After delivering Israel from Egypt and the Philistines, for some reason He won’t deliver you. The people living under a worse covenant established upon worse promises could overcome death threats, terminal diseases, fatal snakebites, slavery and terrible poverty, huge foreign armies and more, but now you under the New Covenant finally have God stumped. He’s tried calling a special meeting with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but they’re all panicking because none of them has any idea how to possibly solve your problem.  It’s just a lot bigger than anything they’ve ever solved before.

In fact, God’s whole attitude toward you and your problems must have changed drastically. He used to care for you and supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, but now He’s just relieved that He’s not you.

He’s considered a number of possible solutions to your problem and has started listing the pros on the left side and the cons on the right side, but the left side is still blank.  You realize like the men in the Old Testament siege of the city that even if heaven were to open up, your problem couldn’t be solved. (Of course, their problem WAS solved when they ventured outside the city to find the whole enemy army supernaturally destroyed.  But who do you think you are that God would do something like that for YOU?)

How did you do it? You are now the first person ever with a problem where the Word of God doesn’t point to the solution. In fact, God is now preparing a revised version of the Bible that He intends to call The Bible Release 2.0 to cover your situation.  In it, He has modified some Scriptures: “Thanks be to God, who always gave us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ before this problem came up. For with God all things are possible except solving this problem. All things except fixing this current mess are possible to him who believes.  Your faith is the victory that overcomes everything in the world but this.  Whatever you ask for in prayer, believing, you will receive, unless it’s the solution to this fiasco. If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God for it and He will give it unless things are so dire that God Himself has no idea what to do.  Having done all, quit.”

The only appropriate response, therefore, is to assemble as many people as possible to have a pity party for you and lament your condition. Get as much sympathy as you can so that at least you’ll feel better while your problem remains unsolved.  Your friends will feel better because they’ll realize that as bad as they thought their problems were, you are actually the one with the worse problem, and the only one with a problem that God can’t solve.

(Next time you have a “big” problem, pull this out and read it again!)